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There should be a show called “You’ll Never Find Out” where each week there’s a new story with a new set of characters and it always ends on a cliffhanger.

Well hello there satan



AND PLOT TWIST: All those unconnected stories? They connect like puzzle pieces in the end. 

I would watch the fuck out of that.



This is just a masterposts of book masterposts that I’ve saved over the months. Loosly organized by topic. Okay. Yeah. That’s all. If you have any others that aren’t on here, go ahead and add them in the notes!

Textbooks and General

Open Culture

Book Boon




Project Gutenberg




GaTech Math Textbooks




Textbook Revolution

Library Pirate

JSTOR beta

Read Any Book

Big Words (not free, but helps to find used and cheaper) 


Les Miserables (Hapgood translation)

Doctor Who (compliled by thetelungbarrow who is excellent)

Virgin New Adventures (here)

Past Doctor Adventures (here)

Virgin Missing Adventures (here)

Bernice Summerfield (here)

New Series Adventures (here)

Eighth Doctor Adventures (listed below)

The Eight Doctors (Terrance Dicks)

Vampire Science (Jonathan Blum & Kate Orman)

The Bodysnatchers (Mark Morris)
Genocide (Paul Leonard)
War of the Daleks (John Peel)
Alien Bodies (Lawrence Miles)
Kursaal (Peter Anghelides)
Option Lock (Justin Richards)
Longest Day (Michael Collier)
Legacy of the Daleks (John Peel)
Dreamstone Moon (Paul Leonard)
Seeing I (Jonathan Blum & Kate Orman)
Placebo Effect (Gary Russel)
Vanderdeken (Christopher Bulis)
The Scarlet Empress (Paul Magrs)
The Janus Conjunction (Trevor Baxendale)
Beltempest (Jim Mortimor)
The Face Eater (Simon Messingham)
The Taint (Michael Collier)
Demontage (Justin Richards)
Revolution Man (Paul Leonard)
Dominion (Nick Walters)
Unnatural History (Jonathan Blum & Kate Orman)
Autumn Mist (David A. McIntee)
Interference: Book One (Lawrence Miles)
Interference: Book Two (Lawrence Miles)
The Blue Angel (Paul Magrs & Jeremy Hoad)
The Taking of Planet 5 (Simon Bucher-Jones & Mark Clapham)
Frontier Worlds (Peter Anghelides)
Parallel 59 (Natalie Dallaire & Stephen Cole)
The Shadows of Avalon (Paul Cornell)
The Fall of Yquatine (Nick Walters)
Coldheart (Trevor Baxendale)
The Space Age (Steve Lyons)
The Banquo Legacy (Andy Lane & Justin Richards)
The Ancestor Cell (Peter Anghelides & Stephen Cole)
The Burning (Justin Richards)
Casualties of War (Steve Emmerson)
The Turing Test (Paul Leonard)
Endgame (Terrance Dicks)
Father Time (Lance Parkin)
Escape Velocity (Colin Brake)
EarthWorld (Jacqueline Rayner)
Vanishing Point (Stephen Cole)
Eater of Wasps (Trevor Baxendale)
The Year of Intelligent Tigers (Kate Orman)
The Slow Empire (Dave Stone)
Dark Progeny (Steve Emmerson)
The City of the Dead (Lloyd Rose)
Grimm Reality (Simon Bucher-Jones & Kelly Hale)
The Adventuress of Henrietta Street (Lawrence Miles)
Mad Dogs and Englishmen (Paul Magrs)
Hope (Mark Clapham)
Anachrophobia (Jonathan Morris)
Trading Futures (Lance Parkin)
The Book of the Still (Paul Ebbs)
The Crooked World (Steve Lyons)
History 101 (Mags L. Halliday)
Camera Obscura (Lloyd Rose)
Time Zero (Justin Richards)
The Infinity Race (Simon Messingham)
The Domino Effect (David Bishop)
Reckless Engineering (Nick Walters)
The Last Resort (Paul Leonard)
Timeless (Stephen Cole)
Emotional Chemistry (Simon A. Forward)
Sometimes Never (Justin Richards)
Halflife (Mark Michalowski)
The Tomorrow Windows (Jonathan Morris)
The Sleep of Reason (Martin Day)
The Deadstone Memorial (Trevor Baxendale)
To the Slaughter (Stephen Cole)
The Gallifrey Chronicles (Lance Parkin)

YA and popular (collected by cityofdauntlessdelirium

The 39 Clues: Books 1-10 11
Across the Universe: Book 1 2-3
An Abundance of Katherines
A Song of Ice and Fire: Books 1-5
Balefire: Book 1 
Between the Lines: Book 1 2 3
Bloodlines: Book 1 2 3
Blue Bloods: Books 1-5 5.5 6 7
The Caster Chronicles: Books 1-4
The Catcher in the Rye
The Chemical Garden: Book 1 2 3
The Curse Workers: Books 1-3
Delirium: Book 1 2 3
Delirium Stories: Hana Annabel Raven
Divergent: Books 1-2
The Dresden Files: Books 1-12 13 14
Elemental: Books 1-2
Evernight: Books 1-3 4 5
The Fault in Our Stars
Gallagher Girls: Books 1-5
Graceling Realm: Book 1 2 
The Great Gatsby
Harry Potter: Book 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Hex Hall: Book 1 2 3
The Host
How to Train Your Dragon: 6-8
The Hunger Games: Books 1-3
Hush, Hush: Book 1 2 3 4
The Immortals: Books 1-3
The Infernal Devices: Book 1 2 3
The Iron Fey: Book 1 2-4 5
The Kendra Chronicles: Book 1 1.5 2
The Last Song
Legend: Book 1 2
Looking for Alaska
Lux: Book 1 2 3
The Lying Game: Books 1-3
Mara Dyer: Book 1 2
Matched: Book 1 2 3
Maximum Ride: Books 1-7 8
The Maze Runner: Books 1-2 3
The Mortal Instruments: Books 1-3 4 5
The Notebook
Paper Towns
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Books 1-5
The Perks of Being A Wallflower
The Secret Circle: Books 1-3 4 5
Shatter Me: Book 1 2
The Silver Linings Playbook
Sookie Stackhouse Novels: Books 1-11 12
Sweeps: Books 1-8 & 12-15 9-11
Uglies: Book 1 2-4
Under the Never Sky: Book 1 2
Vampire Academy: Books 1-4 5-6
The Vampire Diaries: Books 1-10
Vampire Kisses: Books 1-7 8-9
Wicked Lovely: Books 1-3 4-5
Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Arthurian Legends (collected by phantasmagoricsplendor)

De Excidio Brittonum by Gildas (~540) [PDF]

Historia Brittonum by Nennius (~8th Century) [PDF] [epub] [mobi]

The Mabinogion (~1100) [PDF] [epub] [mobi] 

Guingamor, Lanval, Tyolet, Bisclaveret by Marie, de France (~1100)[PDF] [epub] [mobi]

History of the Kings of Britain by Geoffrey of Monmouth (~1136) [PDF]

Vita Merlini by Geoffrey of Monmouth (~1150) [PDF]

The Romance of Tristan and Iseult (~1150) [PDF] [epub] [mobi] 

Four Arthurian Romances by Chretien DeTroyes (~1170)  [PDF] [epub] [mobi]

Cliges: A Romance by Chretien DeTroyes (1176) [PDF] [epub] [mobi]

The High History of the Holy Graal (~1200) [PDF] [epub] [mobi]

The Romance of Morien (~1250) [PDF] [epub] [mobi]

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (~1350)

  • Translated by Jessie L. Weston [PDF]
  • Translated by W. A. Neilson [PDF]

Le Morte d’Arthur by Thomas Malory (1485)

Lancelot of the Laik (~1500) [PDF] [epub] [mobi]

The Prophecy of Merlin by Anne Bannerman (1802) [PDF]

Idylls of the King by Alfred, Lord Tennyson (1856) [PDF] [epub] [mobi]

The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights by Sir James Knowles (1862) [PDF] [epub] [mobi]

The Prophecy of Merlin by John Read (1870) [PDF] [epub] [mobi]

Merlin and the Merlinian Poems by John Veitch (1888) [PDF]

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain (1889) [PDF] [epub] [mobi]

The Tale of Balen by Algernon Charles Swinburne (1896) [PDF] [epub] [mobi]

Stories of King Arthur’s Knights by Mary MacGregor (~1900) [PDF][epub] [mobi]

King Arthur and His Knights by Maude L. Radford (1903) [PDF] [epub][mobi]

The Story of the Champions of the Round Table by Howard Pyle (1905) [PDF] [epub] [mobi]

Le Saint Graal y La Mort d’Artus by Jacques Boulenger [PDF] [epub][mobi]

The Once and Future King by TH White (1958) [PDF] [epub] [mobi]

The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley (1983) [PDF]

Song and Legend from the Middle Ages [PDF] [epub] [mobi]

Legends of the Middle Ages [PDF] [epub] [mobi]

Tales of the Enchanted Islands of the Atlantic [PDF] [epub] [mobi]

English Literature for Boys and Girls [PDF] [epub] [mobi]

Lesbian Ebooks

Autostraddle’s Read A F*cking eBook: Best Lesbian Titles Under $5

Smashword’s free lesbian ebooks


free lesbian short stories

lesbian ebooks from $0.99

lesbian ebooks from $0.95

Read These Lips: free lesbian short story emagazines

jesus god 



Two students, James and John were given a grammar test by their teacher. The question was, “is it better to use “had” or “had had” in this example sentence?”

The teacher collected the tests, and looked over their answers.

James, while John had had “had”, had had “had had.” “Had had” had had a better effect on the teacher.

welcome to the english language



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